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Procrastination is still kicking my ass and it sucks... T_T I want to be able to do things, but my brain seems to not allow me to. The funny things on the computer screen are far more enticing than cleaning what needs to be cleaned... I did manage to do one thing, though! I'm going to meet an academic advisor this Monday! My entire thing with school has been pretty all over the place, and I really do want to get things sorted out. ^^; That mostly just leaves the stuff I have to do at home... That's gonna be difficult. My brain simply refuses to cooperate. I've also basically given up on NaNoWriMo? I'm still interested in the story concept, and I may try to write it at a later date, but I don't think that I'm gonna get it done by the end of this month. Procrastination (and anxiety, and ADHD...) is one bitch ass motherfucker lol.


I need to break my screen addiction. I'm back to doing completely useless things as I just stare at a screen. I've even neglected doing any work for the site, in favor of just. Staring. I want to fix this. I really want to fix this. I've been getting really awful sleep lately, and don't think that I can stay up much longer (despite it only being 9:40). I think that I'll try to sleep... And inevitably stay on my phone until 1AM.


Life still isn't going great, but I do have Ritalin now! ^_^ My antidepressants are also working really well, so that's always nice! :D I'm very excited for Halloween! I'm probably not going to be doing much, but I'm very excited, nonetheless.


Life has not been going great for me, lately. My dad has cancer, and starts chemotherapy tomorrow. He keeps telling me not to worry, that it will be fine, but I can't help but be incredibly scared and anxious. While I have started a new antidepressant (that seems to be working rather well!), I haven't really been able to do anything that I want to do... Luckily, I have my doctor's appointment for a Ritalin refill tomorrow. Hopefully, that'll allow me to do stuff again... I rather miss doing stuff.


So as it turns out, this is a valid HTML journal lol. So that's pretty rad. I do plan to use this more often, in hopes that I can get my thoughts across. Things aren't really going well for me right now, and I do hope that my future journals aren't overly cynical or pessimistic. I'd hate to be a downer!


I'm trying out an HTML journal. The formatting is pretty different, so I doubt I can validate it. But still, it's here if I ever need it!